How To get 3g speed in 2g plans Airtel

Elena harrison // Sunday, April 28, 2013

Guys it an experimental trick done by me in airtel and i succsed in that so i'm sharing this try at yours place and comment me about its working,,,

keep ur 2g packs data balance less than 50 mb...then text 3g to 121...after that u will get a reply msg from 121 saying that reply with 1 to activate 3g...after replying with 1 to activate 3g...will get a message showing that 3g will be activated in 4 hours in your mobile...after activation of 3g...retext 3g to 121...u will get a reply from 121 displaying that reply with 1 for data plan...then reply with 1 for data plans...done u will get a reply message frm 121 displaying u a no. Of 3g pack 0 rental 3g being on top...then reply with 1 to activate 0 rental 3g pack...then u will get a message reply with 1 to confirm it...then reply vid 1 to confirm it...thats it u will get 3g speed on 2g pack,,,,

Note:- keep ur 2g data balance lower than 50 mb and ur phone must b 3g n u must switch to 3g mode dt tym...