Download torrent files from any download manager using

Elena harrison // Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hi Guys. Everyone knows that torrents are the great source of downloads. Whether it is Movies, games, e-books, softwares or other stuffs torrent always dominates.  But the download speed is the big problem with the torrents especially when you're working on a slow connection. On the other hand, download managers like IDM provides a great download speed but unable to download torrent files. Torrent files are in encrypted form and can only be decrypted by using the torrent tools.

The last trick I shared here for this task is no longer working because the closed their shop. So here is the new trick where we gonna use to get the direct links for our torrent files.

Follow these steps:
  • Grab your .torrent file first which you wish to download.
  • Now go to
  • Sign up for a new account in case you don't have.
  • Login to the website.
  • On the top menu option click on Premium button.
  • Now here find any free survey and fill it. After the confirmation of your entries in the survey you'll get Premium services for a particular period of time.
  • Upload your torrent file in the website and click GO
  • Depending upon the size of files after few moments the content of your File is ready to download.
  • Click download and its ready to Go.